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The Noble Difference

Premium Neighborhood Design


Nobel Difference. A premium neighborhood design

Created by master planner Rick Harrison, Highland Hills is planned using Prefurbia, a collection of innovative neighborhood design methods that revolutionizes neighborhood planning and produces more attractive neighborhoods that result in a higher quality of life.


Pedestrian Connectivity. Meandering trails are a premium feature.

The neighborhood design begins with multi-modal pedestrian trails that serve as a focal point of the neighborhood. In addition to connecting the neighborhood and providing easy access to amenities, the elegant meandering trails are a sought-after feature that enhances the desirability of the neighborhood and promotes healthy outdoor living habits.


Constant Flow. Reduce transit time and energy by 40%.

The neighborhood design utilizes safer 3-way intersections where possible and includes a roadway pattern that reduces time and energy by maintaining a constant flow of traffic. Instead of the constant breaking and acceleration that occurs with intersections, the drive through the neighborhood is calm and serene.


Coving. A more efficient street pattern that reduces street length by 30%.

Coving increases quality green space along the streetscape while reducing street length and creates a park-like feel along home fronts, increasing curb appeal and value. Coving breaks the parallel relationship of the house and curb and sets each home along a fluid meandering line, creating an indent in the building setback - a cove. A proper application of coving maintains desired density while adhering to the existing regulatory minimums.


Safe kidspace. Moms love our neighborhoods.

How many kids care about rules when playing near a street? We go way beyond minimum standards, using street patterns that slow traffic and meandering walkways positioned away from vehicular traffic.


Creating Value by Showcasing Premium Homes. A better “first impression” that raises home value.

Instead of near the entrance, lower price point homes and higher density units are placed towards the rear of the development. This simple switch raises the value of all the homes in the neighborhood by establishing a better “first impression” by showcasing the premium homes.


Larger Cul-de-sacs. More space, better connectivity.

Increasing the size of the cul-de-sacs enables the placement of park-like amenities in the internal area and adds to the overall value of the neighborhood. Additionally, the cul-de-sacs serve as a connection point to the main trail system and help tie the entire neighborhood together.


Architectural Blending. Working with every builder to optimize interior views.

We further maximize the value of each home by working with every builder to ensure that interior views from the home are coordinated to most benefit from the unique view corridor and open space views of our neighborhood.

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Interactive Neighborhood Map

For all things related to the Ponds of Highland Hills

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